project planning

Contributor(s): Patricia Vio

Project planning is a discipline for stating how to complete a project within a certain timeframe, usually with defined stages, and with designated resources. One view of project planning divides the activity into:

  • Setting objectives (these should be measurable)
  • Identifying deliverables
  • Planning the schedule
  • Making supporting plans

Supporting plans may include those related to: human resources, communication methods, and risk management.

Computer hardware and software project planning within an enterprise is often done using a project planning guide that describes the process that the enterprise feels has been successful in the past.

Tools popularly used for the scheduling part of a plan include the Gantt chart and the PERT chart.

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I know that Gantt chart helps with project planning, with that little information I have, I started searching for PM tools with Gantt chart and found really good results like Smartsheet,, but now with Proofhub allowing me do everything other than just project planning, I am thinking it is great tool, So I am confused if I should invest in a tool with only Gantt chart or complete set of features, I am scared if on a long term basis doing more than what just a Gantt chart does could bring us any harm, or mismanagement.
so in short project planning is a step by step procedure