learning management system (LMS)

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A learning management system (LMS) is a software application or Web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. Typically, a learning management system provides an instructor with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance. A learning management system may also provide students with the ability to use interactive features such as threaded discussions, video conferencing, and discussion forums. The Advanced Distance Learning group, sponsored by the United States Department of Defense, has created a set of specifications called Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) to encourage the standardization of learning management systems.

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SCORM is encouraged but not necessary vital. Delivery of digital content and assessment is the primary factor when selecting a LMS (Learning Management System). This company uses those methods
After researching scorm vs propietary technologies that are easier to use, we've been happy so far with LearnerNation. Tin Can API is interesting though.

I had a question, What is SCORM and how can it improve the quality of an LMS? I am using ProProfs LMS but I have no idea whether they have SCORM, how should I go about it? Where can I learn the best about it? Should I call ProProfs for this? I am really confused.



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