enterprise social software

Contributor(s): Emily McLaughlin
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Enterprise social software (ESS) is a general term that describes social networking and collaboration tools used in large organizations.

Enterprise social software includes corporate intranets and other software platforms aimed at maximizing productivity, improving communication, saving time and promoting collaboration. Whether the software has been written specifically for corporate communication or it is integrated with more mainstream social media software, the goal of implementing enterprise social software is to improve transparency by making information more accessible in spite of organizational boundaries. 

Popular enterprise social software applications include:

Jive - the Jive Social Business Platform offers a Facebook-like interface that an organization’s employees can use to brainstorm, collaborate and share information.

Socialcast - The VMware Socialcast platform allows an organization's employees to share information and documents with co-workers in real time through a Facebook- or Twitter-like news feed.

Microsoft Sharepoint - SharePoint 2013 offers a simplified user experience and added enterprise social media capabilities, including shared calendars, blogs, wikis, surveys, document libraries, shared task lists, community forums, a microblogging capability and enhanced search capabilities.

See also: enterprise social networking (ESN), enterprise collaboration

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