E-speak is an open software platform designed by HP to facilitate the delivery of e-services (electronic services) over the Internet. Based on Extensible Markup Language (XML) and often compared to Microsoft's .NET initiative, e-speak was designed to automate tasks people would have to complete personally by letting the computers involved talk to each other.

To understand e-speak, pretend you are thinking of taking a vacation to Paris. Instead of searching the Web for an airline, hotel, and rental car (and then spending hours looking through individual Web sites to see which services/prices fit your criteria), you would submit your criteria to a registered e-services site and and a services agent would find the registered providers that met your requirements. An added advantage of using a registered e-service site would be that if for some reason you missed your flight and had to take a later one, all the e-services site computers involved in your travel arrangements would notify each other and re-adjust your reservations accordingly.

Although HP has given up propriety rights to e-speak, it plans to sell servers, storage, and application solutions to developers who plan to use e-speak on their Web sites. HP is also using e-speak for its own product management.

This was last updated in September 2005

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