PICK chart (Possible, Implement, Challenge and Kill chart)

Contributor(s): Wendy Schuchart

A PICK chart (Possible, Implement, Challenge and Kill chart) is a visual tool for organizing ideas. PICK charts are often used after brainstorming sessions to help an individual or group identify which ideas can be implemented easily and have a high payoff. 

A PICK chart is set up as a large grid, two squares high and two squares across. The PICK acronym comes from the labels for each quadrant of the grid: 

  • Possible  - ideas that are easy to implement but have a low payoff.
  • Implement  - ideas that are easy to implement and a high payoff.
  • Challenge - ideas that are hard to implement and difficult to determine payoff.
  • Kill  - ideas that are hard to implement and have low payoff.

Once each idea from the brainstorming session has been placed on the most appropriate square, it becomes easier to identify which ideas should be acted on first. In a group setting, PICK charts are useful for focusing discussion and achieving consensus. 

Although PICK charts are often associated with the Six Sigma management philosophy, they were originally developed by Lockheed Martin for lean production. Today, PICK charts can be found in many disciplines outside manufacturing including education, marketing and agile software development


This was last updated in July 2012

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