B2G (Business2Government or Business-to-Government)

On the Internet, B2G is business-to-government (a variation of the term B2B or business-to-business), the concept that businesses and government agencies can use central Web sites to exchange information and do business with each other more efficiently than they usually can off the Web. For example, a Web site offering B2G services could provide businesses with a single place to locate applications and tax forms for one or more levels of government (city, state or province, country, and so forth); provide the ability to send in filled-out forms and payments; update corporate information; request answers to specific questions; and so forth. B2G may also include e-procurement services, in which businesses learn about the purchasing needs of agencies and agencies request proposal responses. B2G may also support the idea of a virtual workplace in which a business and an agency could coordinate the work on a contracted project by sharing a common site to coordinate online meetings, review plans, and manage progress. B2G may also include the rental of online applications and databases designed especially for use by government agencies.

According to the Gartner Group, B2G revenue is expected to grow from $1.5 billion in 2000 to $6.2 billion in 2005. B2G is sometimes called e-government.

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Excellent definition of B2G. If you are looking for more information on the Australian B2G market please read our blog Weekly updates and timely B2G info for suppliers.
In this model, the business houses transact with the government over the Internet. For example, similar to an individual consumer, business houses can also pay their taxes on the Internet.

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