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MIT CIO 2018 videos: Honing a digital leadership strategy

What does digital leadership look like? In these videos filmed at the 2018 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, IT execs share their experiences in digital transformation and in driving deep organizational change.


The 2018 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium had no shortage of high-level IT executives and CIOs in attendance. SearchCIO had the pleasure of catching up with some of them on site, conducting one-on-one interviews on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Mass. The goal: To hear directly from practitioners about the challenges, benefits, intricacies and enterprise-wide impacts of implementing a successful digital transformation strategy. Of course, the IT executives we talked to -- which included CIOs, CDOs and IT consultants -- had plenty of strategic advice for those going through the digital transformation process. Enjoy our video guide on digital leadership.

1Digital transformation journey-

The leaders and the laggards

In many organizations, digital transformation has -- to a greater or lesser extent -- already happened. Most organizations today operate at least partly in the digital domain. But given how recent this transformation is, some parts of the enterprise are bound to be farther along than others. So, in this section, we wanted to know: Based on what IT execs are seeing at their companies and beyond, which parts of the enterprise are leading the digital charge and which are lagging? And how can everyone get on the same page? Not surprisingly, digital leadership figures large.


Leading the digital transformation charge at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank CIO Frédéric Véron discusses the business areas that typically lead the charge during enterprise digital transformation -- and why some units are prone to falling behind.


Digital acceleration isn't about reinventing the wheel

CIOs who use outsourcing as a competitive strategy can give their companies a digital acceleration boost, according to RSM consultant Bill Kracunas.


Exec reveals who's leading, lagging when it comes to digital competence

Not everyone in an organization will achieve the same level of digital competence, said Wolfgang Bauriedel of search firm Russell Reynolds. And that's OK, with one proviso.


Finance, HR ripe targets for digital transformation programs

Naufal Khan, senior partner at McKinsey & Company, said a digital transformation strategy needs to go beyond e-commerce and mobile initiatives to include more enterprise support functions and operations.


Digital transformation: How to get people to buy in

Gail Evans, chief digital officer at Mercer, says an enterprise's so-called digital laggards will get behind digital transformation once they understand its value to them.

2Innovation strategy-

How transformation happens: Digital leadership at Airtel, Land O'Lakes

Innovation comes in many forms and these IT execs are no stranger to most of them. In this section, IT execs, including the MIT Sloan CIO Leadership award winner Harmeen Mehta, discuss ways in which they -- and others -- are bringing in new processes, technologies and mindsets to help accelerate organizations' digital transformation strategy.


Airtel CIO offers advice on disrupting the innovation strategy model

Bharti Airtel's global CIO Harmeen Mehta details why an effective enterprise innovation strategy is often about finding a novel solution for an existing problem.


Advanced mapping, voice tech speed Airtel's digital transformation

Mehta explains how her company is employing cutting-edge tech like advanced mapping, machine learning and voice computing.


How to drive digital transformation success with Agile

Mehta explains why implementing Agile methodologies can help organizations scale their digital transformation projects.


AI decision-making will remake the enterprise

CIO headhunter Bauriedel talks about how the increase in high-quality data is giving rise to AI-enabled applications that, in turn, will radically change how we work.


Land O'Lakes is inventing the economics of digital farming

Digital farming has made growing crops more efficient. Now, Land O'Lakes CIO Michael Macrie wants to make this new way of farming as risk-averse as possible.


Modern risk management must factor in the danger of playing it safe

Consultant Kracunas talks about the need for clear digital leadership and why modern risk management must factor in the risk of not innovating.

3Challenges and guidance-

Digital transformation strategy

Taking on a digital leadership role can be tricky, because the rules of digital transformation are still being written. This section delves into the common challenges CIOs face in the digital transformation process, including how the CIO role is being impacted.


The value of a data-driven approach to digital transformation

Deutsche Bank CIO Véron discusses why it is important for organizations to incorporate IT systems data into their digital transformation strategies.


Why is it so hard to pull off a digital transformation project?

Consultant Khan highlights the top three factors that make a company's digital transformation project difficult to implement.


How to succeed at infrastructure transformation

Cathy Horst Forsyth, founder of Strongbow Consulting Group, explains why infrastructure transformation depends on giving cross-functional teams a common goal.


Digital transformation puts pressure on IT leaders

Khan explains how digital transformation is changing the CIO role and breaks down the traits expected of a digital CIO.


How one IT exec wears both the CIO and chief digital officer hat

Evans details how her CIO role at Mercer covers the twin duties of optimizing legacy systems and building the IT and cultural foundation for digital transformation.

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