Leadership and strategic planning

  • BYOD has a long life ahead of it

    Karen Goulart - Features Writer 08 Feb 2013
  • Cruising around the Web this week, I happened upon one of those stories that you just know can't be serious. I don't mean that in an Onion-y way, more of a the-writer-is-doing-this-to-get-attention ...

  • Information security breach turned into teachable moment

    Karen Goulart - Features Writer 01 Feb 2013
  • Technically the public didn't need to know about the recent information security breach at "The New York Times." No customer information was compromised and no damage was done to affiliated ...

  • Data mining for social solutions

    Karen Goulart - Features Writer 25 Jan 2013
  • Data mining is often associated with Big Brother-esque marketing tactics: Someone out there is assessing your personal shopping habits and other bits of info in order to sell you something they ...

  • TMI? What to do with all this digital information

    Karen Goulart - Features Writer 18 Jan 2013
  • We are beyond up to our figurative eyeballs in data. Digital information is everywhere and no one can honestly say they've figured out just what to do with it. Businesses want to harness and ...

  • CES no longer a hot ticket?

    Karen Goulart - Features Writer 11 Jan 2013
  • As the folks at HowStuffWorks tweeted earlier, it seems like half the Internet is home sick today. Here at Searchlight, we're lucky to have a very flexible work-from-home policy that ...