February 2012

Leadership and strategic planning

  • Data loss statistics: Emerging culprits

    Christina Torode - Editorial Director 27 Feb 2012
  • Many of the technologies businesses rely on to create new services, make workers more productive and serve customers better are the ones most likely to lead to data loss, according to data loss ...

  • No need to search, they know what you want

    Karen Goulart - Features Writer 24 Feb 2012
  • It was a short week for some, but there was no shortage of intriguing news and opinions to sort through. We've rounded up a handful of items to share with you on this Friday, including one of many ...

  • Silence on business analytics speaks volumes

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 24 Feb 2012
  • I can think of two reasons people don’t talk about something. One is that the subject has no importance at all. The other reason is that it is so important people don’t want to share what they ...

  • Mission-critical systems taking on dual roles

    Christina Torode - Editorial Director 21 Feb 2012
  • Leadership training -- in particular, the shaping of future CIOs -- was the topic, but as with many conversations about the CIO role, the conversation veered off to a seemingly unrelated topic: ...

  • Shaping data in ways both scary and sweet

    Karen Goulart - Features Writer 17 Feb 2012
  • The week is drawing to a close, and for some of you there's a long weekend ahead. Why not use a bit of your extra leisure time to peruse some interesting news from around the Internet that you ...

  • Is technology leadership training lacking?

    Christina Torode - Editorial Director 15 Feb 2012
  • Marcia Nizzari, director of informatics at Good Start Genetics Inc. in Boston, compares becoming a CIO to the school of hard knocks: When it comes to technology leadership training, CIO newbies are ...

  • No honor-student bumper stickers for Steve Jobs

    Karen Goulart - Features Writer 13 Feb 2012
  • Top o’ the week to you. We're as laden with interesting Web tidbits as Adele is with Grammy awards today. Without further fanfare, here are six stories from around the Internet, the leadoff one a ...

  • No more time for hesitation on Windows 7 migration

    Karen Goulart - Features Writer 09 Feb 2012
  • Forget about that 12/21/12 Mayan calendar thing. If you're planning to make the move to Windows 7 but haven't made any actual moves, the scariest date in your future is 4/8/14. OK, maybe it's a bit ...

  • Big data is dead (maybe)! Long live analytics apps!

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 07 Feb 2012
  • Is big data dead already? I guess that depends on how you define it. If you're analyst Mark McDonald, a VP and fellow at Gartner Inc., and you equate big data with the kind of business intelligence ...

  • Is SaaS BI in your 'best interest'?

    Karen Goulart - Features Writer 02 Feb 2012
  • In writing for the Web, as in movies, sometimes there are choice bits that don't make the final cut. (That's why DVDs include extras, and blogs are, well, blogs.) Here is some food for thought from ...