October 2008

Leadership and strategic planning

  • Online video’s next frontier

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 31 Oct 2008
  • For all the YouTube addicts out there (myself included), there's an interesting blog post on this week about online-video attention spans. According to Saul Hansell, who attended a ...

  • IT research gurus cash in, as economy sinks

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 31 Oct 2008
  • If the economy puts your job at risk, you might want to consider a career at those places that are always giving you advice. Both Gartner Inc. and Forrester Research Inc. beat earnings estimates ...

  • Tech warriors on the offensive

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 31 Oct 2008
  • Downturn, shmownturn. Your peers at technology companies apparently don't need a global recession to get their juices flowing. A new survey of 151 U.S. technology company executives by Deloitte ...

  • In economic meltdown, CFO is a CIO’s BFF

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 09 Oct 2008
  • As if you didn't already know, your buddy with the middle initial F is back. And I do mean buddy. A memo out this morning from consultancy Gartner Inc. reminds that in economic crises, CIOs need to ...

  • The CIO, Obama and electronic health records

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 09 Oct 2008
  • senior news writer Linda Tucci wrote an excellent, layered story yesterday on electronic health records. "Privacy issues, interoperability issues, liability and physician ...

  • Three cheers for Web 3.0

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 08 Oct 2008
  • Yesterday on, we ran a story I wrote about the burgeoning mashup of Web 2.0 technologies into something that's being called Web 3.0. It's based on the assumption that the next ...

  • Bailout for economy, a boon for R&D?

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 03 Oct 2008
  • If you're looking for another reason to pay attention to whether the $700 billion bailout bill gets passed by the House today, you might want to look at this call for action from the Information ...

  • Three men arraigned in alleged IT kickback scheme

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 02 Oct 2008
  • Three Boston-area men have been arraigned in connection with allegedly setting up kickbacks from a vendor in exchange for securing computer software and service contracts for Partners Healthcare. ...