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  • Maybe I should just keep my money under a mattress?

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 24 Jul 2008
  • There have been a lot of scary bank-related headlines the past couple of weeks, but I have to say that this one frightened me more than most: "Security flaws in online banking sites found to be ...

  • Does it matter who CIOs report to?

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 23 Jul 2008
  • Gather the typical left-brain, articulate, umm-less group of CIOs around a conference lunch table and, guaranteed, the talk will eventually turn to reporting relationships. You answer to whom? ...

  • TomorrowNow is so yesterday

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 21 Jul 2008
  • SAP AG sends word today that it's putting subsidiary TomorrowNow, which provides third-party support for Oracle and other applications, out of its misery. The German software maker said it will ...

  • Who wants to be a CIO Millionaire?

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 16 Jul 2008
  • How's this for a headline: "Meet the Millionaire CIOs." In a study of the filings of the 1,000 biggest U.S. companies and their compensation, 47 top technology executives were listed at the top ...

  • Va-va-vroom! Videoconferencing continues its ascent

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 15 Jul 2008
  • The videoconferencing industry grew about 30% in the past year, according to The Boston Globe. One analyst estimates conferencing technologies factory revenues totaling $8 billion in 2008, and ...

  • All Ears: CIOs and Winchester Rifles

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 14 Jul 2008
  • Question: What do CIOs and rifle heiress Sarah Winchester have in common? You're haunted by ghosts and can't stop building, says Phil Murphy, principal analyst with Forrester Research. Phil was a ...

  • Soft landing for IT jobs?

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 11 Jul 2008
  • Is it possible that in this hair-raising economy, supply and demand in the IT job market are in balance? Data out this week suggests that may be so. The latest report from Dice, the online career ...

  • A view from across the pond

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 10 Jul 2008
  • Today, we posted a story on about mitigating risks in your outsourcing contracts. Clearly, it's a topic affecting organizations all over the world and, while catching up on my ...

  • Boston Globe: Cognos contract with state “raises ethical issues”

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 07 Jul 2008
  • News flash: The Boston Globe reports today that a representative of Cognos ULC, the business intelligence software maker, improperly offered a Massachusetts state official a job in 2006 when the ...

  • All Ears: Hurricane Warning

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 03 Jul 2008
  • A reminder, gentle reader, as you head into the holiday weekend that the summer months can bring ungentle weather. The 2008 Atlantic hurricane season started June 1 and promises to be above ...

  • Can you bring up “beach read” and “business book” in the same breath?

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 03 Jul 2008
  • So, who's off to the beach this weekend - or even slinking out of the office a few hours early today? If you're like me and need to get your mind off work and enjoy a good beach read (I've got a ...

  • “The brain is built for video”

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 02 Jul 2008
  • Channeling Marshall McLuhan, James McQuivey of Forrester Research has a report out about how video will take over the world and - no surprise here - suggests a new name for the phenomenon. The ...

  • How well do you know your Facebook friends?

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 01 Jul 2008
  • How many of you (or your organizations) have Facebook profiles? I do, so the following might come off sounding kind of hypocritical, but I'm uncomfortable with a lot of the Facebook culture.  You ...

  • All Ears: Susan Cramm on ITopia

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 29 Jun 2008
  • Earlier, I wrote about Susan Cramm, former CIO of Taco Bell turned "leadership" coach, talking about how IT and the business could -- should! -- function in 2015. Cramm was the keynote speaker at ...

  • CIO weekly wrap-up

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 27 Jun 2008
  • In case you missed any of our stories on SearchCIO this week and want to catch up over the weekend (what, you don't bring a Wi-Fi-ready laptop to the beach like I do?), here's what we've been ...