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  • The CIO, Obama and electronic health records

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 09 Oct 2008
  • senior news writer Linda Tucci wrote an excellent, layered story yesterday on electronic health records. "Privacy issues, interoperability issues, liability and physician ...

  • Three cheers for Web 3.0

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 08 Oct 2008
  • Yesterday on, we ran a story I wrote about the burgeoning mashup of Web 2.0 technologies into something that's being called Web 3.0. It's based on the assumption that the next ...

  • Bailout for economy, a boon for R&D?

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 03 Oct 2008
  • If you're looking for another reason to pay attention to whether the $700 billion bailout bill gets passed by the House today, you might want to look at this call for action from the Information ...

  • Three men arraigned in alleged IT kickback scheme

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 02 Oct 2008
  • Three Boston-area men have been arraigned in connection with allegedly setting up kickbacks from a vendor in exchange for securing computer software and service contracts for Partners Healthcare. ...

  • Women as CIOs and branding in the workplace

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 01 Oct 2008
  • My colleague Linda Tucci's story this past week on how women in IT should brand themselves (and, by the way, most of the advice applies to our male readers, too) really struck a chord with me. As I ...

  • EmTech08 and the Black Swan: A lesson in jargon

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 26 Sep 2008
  • I sneaked away from my desk this week to attend a few sessions at the Emerging Technologies conference on the MIT campus. Even in small doses, the event can overwhelm with its rush of ideas, ...

  • Work email: When it just can’t wait until morning

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 25 Sep 2008
  • With the growing popularity of smartphones and business VPNs, it's getting tougher and tougher to let an email just sit in your inbox unread for any period of time - even in what are technically ...

  • A CIO by way of Jack Welch

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 25 Sep 2008
  • I recently interviewed Carole Cotter, CIO of Lifespan Corp., a health care system affiliated with Brown Medical School in Providence. R.I. Cotter talked about how her IT department balances the ...

  • Lehman and IT and Bear Stearns, oh my!

    Linda Tucci - Editor at Large 19 Sep 2008
  • When I saw the pictures of Lehman Brothers employees leaving the New York headquarters with cardboard boxes of belongings and dressed down in weekend wear, I wondered if there were IT people among ...

  • Palin’s Yahoo! hack raises security concerns

    Rachel Lebeaux - Senior Managing Editor 18 Sep 2008
  • In more Sarah Palin/IT news...maybe there's a good reason for John McCain's professed aversion to e-mail. He's selected a more tech-savvy running mate, but she's quickly become a poster child for ...