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Welcome to the 'new' TotalCIO blog for enterprise CIOs

Well, it’s not entirely new — you can still rely on us for the collaboration, information and opinion we’ve provided all along to enterprise CIOs, both on TotalCIO and But our blog for enterprise CIOs is now being housed in a different location, and I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to some of our new blog features and also some of the features on IT Knowledge Exchange.

Instead of a long list of categories, we now have a tag cloud. Click any topic in the tag cloud and you’ll see posts on only that topic. The tag cloud is dynamic, so the more a tag is used, the larger and darker it will appear. This helps you quickly see the most popular topics.

You’ll also notice we’ve integrated more of our related editorial content in the right sidebar. If you’re on a post and wish to know more about the same topic after reading the post, be sure to browse the links in the right sidebar.

We always appreciate it when you share our content on social networking sites and we’ve increased the number of bookmarking tools from four to 43. If you enjoy a post, please be sure to share.

Look near the top of the page and you’ll see a row of tabs. You can click the IT Blogs tab to find dozens of technology blogs, both user-generated and TechTarget editorial blogs. You can even request your own blog.

There is also a tab labeled IT Answers. This is where you can ask your own IT question and have it seen by thousands of IT Knowledge Exchange members. So be sure to pose your own question for enterprise CIOs, browse thousands of answers from other IT executives or help out a fellow IT pro by answering a question.

Thanks for stopping by!

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