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Using the sex appeal of the iPad to push BI reporting in the C-suite

Democratizing business intelligence software is the anthem of the industry — and the rallying cry of lots of BI stories. Users can become masters of their own dashboards! But (no big surprise) the slogan doesn’t always match reality. That’s what I gathered from several of the CIOs and BI professionals attending the WebFocus user conference I’ve been writing about this week.

Adoption is still the weak link,” said Gary Gallant, VP of Coty Inc.’s global applications center of expertise, as well as the perfume manufacturer’s BI point man. “What we are trying to do with BI now is build some prototypes to give to leadership so they can get a better feel for BI, because what we have now is, ‘Well, what do I do with a dashboard?'”

Indeed, several  BI pros I spoke with at the show intimated that the widespread adoption of BI tools by the business–the BI revolution–awaits the rise of the digital natives in corporate management: in other words, the people who grew up with electronic data and are comfortable manipulating it.

In the meantime, Gallant had an interesting suggestion for bringing the “cool” factor to BI reporting for the C-suite: Forget the laptop and get your CEO an Apple iPad.

“I do think the iPad has the ability to change things,” Gallant said. Part of what prevents CEOs and other C-suite execs from really living with BI, in his view, is the physical barrier: having to reach into the computer bag, lug out the laptop and wait for it to light up.

“The time it takes you to get to productivity — they just don’t do it,” he said. The BlackBerry is too small to see the results. But the iPad? “It gives you landscape to look and drill down. Plus, anything connected with Steve Jobs has sex appeal,” he said.

Given the complexity of making an organization’s store of information actionable, as they say in the BI biz, I’d like to hear your insights and best practices for dealing with this daunting task. Email me at

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