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Three cheers for Web 3.0

Yesterday on, we ran a story I wrote about the burgeoning mashup of Web 2.0 technologies into something that’s being called Web 3.0. It’s based on the assumption that the next generation of the Web will require less searching on the part of users as advancing Web 2.0 innovations such as blogs, wikis and social networking forums push desired information straight to them. Check out this definition of Web 3.0 that was overheard in the tech blogosphere.

A friend sent me this article from The New York Times yesterday on a Google e-commerce effort that would allow YouTube users to buy digital goods from Apple’s iTunes store or, which I think is a move toward this Web 3.0 concept.

Remember how exciting it was to search a movie time on the Internet, rather than via the newspaper or a dial-up phone number? Within the next decade, it’s likely you’ll be able do the same search and receive not only movie times but also the locations closest to you, what your friends are seeing, what others in your social network thought of the film and where everybody is going to have dinner afterwards.

One of the speakers at MIT’s EmTech conference referred to Web 3.0 as “frothy,” and compared the “rush of innovation” to that which characterized what I guess we’d now call Web 1.0. It still amazes me what we’re able to find on the Web … it really has changed both my everyday life and the way in which I complete my work.

I’ll give you an example. As I was typing this post, my cell phone rang, and the out-of-area caller ID was a number I didn’t recognize. Before the phone had even stopped ringing, I had already searched the phone number in Google and come across this website that tracks suspicious phone numbers. Within seconds, I could see that several other Boston-area individuals had received calls from this number in the past hour, so I’d like to think I wisely ignored it.

For those interested in some related content, check out the definition of the Semantic Web, which ties into this Web 3.0 philosophy, as well as microformats, an open source data format.

Are you as excited about Web 3.0 as I am? Are these concepts that you are looking to implement into your company’s Web strategy?

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