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The social network dons a suit and tie; Snapchat wants your money

Facebook, the enterprise version, got a lot of buzz this week on SearchCIO. We asked CIOs if they thought Facebook at Work would be a force to contend with. The short take: Is grass green?

Associate Editor Fran Sales expounded on the topic of enterprise collaboration with some helpful pointers from managed service provider Avendae on how to get the best out of any collaboration tool in her Searchlight News Roundup. One pointer: Invest in technology that is simple, aligns with business goals, and fulfills user needs.  Amen to that.

Hard to believe, but Mark Zuckerberg’s business deal was not the only IT event this week. In other news, a Russian website has been streaming live video feed from about 600 hacked webcams in Britain, Firefox is replacing Google’s search engine with Yahoo, and Snapchat is jumping into the mobile pay arena.

Me personally? I’m planning to spend some time this weekend reading about Snapchat’s mobile payment offering. Given that one of my favorite social networking tools has had some security– uhh– hiccups in the past, will they survive in the mobile pay space?

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