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“The most geeked-out shopping experience in America”

And here I thought I was ahead of the game having mastered grocery store self-checkout. But check out how far Stop & Shop‘s in-store technology has come in this “Groceries & Gadgets” report from the Boston Globe.

The Scan It personal scanner, which has been deployed in about 90 of the chain’s grocery stores, allows you to walk down the aisles, pick an item, scan the barcode, press a button and – voila! – it’s added to your total. For items that aren’t scanner-friendly, such as deli meats, you can use a touch-screen computer to place orders, and Scan It will send you a message when your turn is up.

“Scan It is also a subtle but persistent salesman,” the article reads. “Scanning the loyalty card links the device to a history of your previous purchases. Stop & Shop’s system uses this data to come up with special offers for products you might fancy. The offers are relayed to Scan It, which gently pings you about discounts. You’ll be glad to know that personal data, like names or credit card numbers, don’t travel over the wireless network – just a numerical code that identifies you as a sucker for pasta.”

It will be interesting to learn more about the technology behind what appears to be Stop & Shop’s latest success story. Has anybody else experimented with these in-store scanners? Do they live up to the hype and speed up your shopping experience?

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We don't have Stop & Shops in our area (Washington DC) however our Bloom grocery stores (same parent company that owns Food Lion) has the same technology. However, the handheld scanners don't "advertise" to you while you shop - they just scan. It's fast, it's fun (man, it makes grocery shopping with my elementary age children much more enjoyable!) and certainly is something a techie like myself loves. And unlike the Stop & Shop video, I put bags in my cart before I hit the aisles. So the items I scan go right into bags. That way when I hit the check out register, all I do is swipe my Bloom card, swipe my credit card and then leave the store. Super fast!