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“The brain is built for video”

Channeling Marshall McLuhan, James McQuivey of Forrester Research has a report out about how video will take over the world and – no surprise here – suggests a new name for the phenomenon. The world’s most powerful medium, TV, is about to evolve into a form Forrester is calling OmniVideo, OV, for short. Oy vey! According to McQuivey, OV is bigger and better than TV because it:

•1) Displays on many devices. (PC viewing accounts for 16% of video viewing in a typical day.)

•2)  Can be made by anyone. (Indeed.)

•3)  Is never finished. (In the OV era of mashups and annotated content, “final cut” becomes meaningless.)

•4)  Multiplies itself (comes from anywhere, seen everywhere, it will dwarf TV viewing).

The OV explosion rests on three pillars of technology, says McQuivey: IP video delivery, mega storage and cheap display screens. But the reason OV will take over the world is because… “The brain is built for video … We are alive today because millennia ago, our species adapted to rapidly integrate complex visual stimuli.” Make no mistake, the aim of the report is not scientific but mercantile. Proclaims McQuivey:

“All video product strategists – whether at the TV networks, cable networks, TV service providers, over-the-top TV providers, or video device manufacturers – must take note: OmniVideo is about to explode, driving up total video viewing time from 4 hours per day to 5 hours by 2013, increasing your and your competitors’ market potential.”

McQuivey, a former communications professor at Boston University’s College of Communication,  predicts that the 25% growth will be accompanied by a shift in how we view OV: By 2013, video viewed on demand will account for 45%, up from 20% today; video delivered over IP will jump from 10% to 35% of all viewing; video consumed on a mobile device, from 8% to 15%, and personal video consumption (cell phone cameras, social networking sites), from 2% to 10%.

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