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The art of tech innovation draws from youthful creativity

It’s back to school time and, if you’re picking up some crayons for the kiddies, maybe grab one of those 64-count Crayola boxes for yourself. In this week’s Searchlight, graffiti artist Erik Wahl explains why a sniff of your old waxy friends can calm you down and lift up your creative spirit. Wahl’s keynote address at this week’s Gartner Inc. Catalyst conference in San Diego sought to convey the idea that tech innovation is rooted deeply in our crayon-art-scrawling youthful imaginations. To continue on the theme, this week’s Searchlight brings you a roundup of  Web items focused on innovators — from the “idea monkey” to Pinterest pioneers.

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64 ct. Crayola


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Ultimately price will be the key driver to adoption
Continued visible investment and focus will pay off.
Androids open OS is winning consumers over by allowing them to customize their devices while iOS prohibits this. This is a concern for Enterprise who are trying to secure the devices in house. Samsung is taking the right approach to remedy this. Android is here to stay and it will be part of the Enterprise due to BYOD approaches. I believe that more stringent security will arrive (possibly from Samsung) in the near future securing Android's future in this market.
i education it and apps for mobile but i don't understand
To many initiatives; one should be enough!
It would be better to include these enhancements into stock android, so that all devices have it
not marketed well
If Samsung are looking to displace BB and Apple in the workplace if needs to further increase security of its OS so that it appeals to the concept of BOYD so that consumer are confident that the apps that they download are safe and that their handset is not a security risk!