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Tell your CEO to get a social media life (s/he will thank you!)

At long last, we’ve successfully traversed the drudgeries of late winter and early spring and are poised to embrace those most rejuvenating unofficial first days of summer, otherwise known as Memorial Day weekend. Can you tell we’ve been looking forward to this?

As you reflect and relax with family and friends this weekend, we hope you’ll spend a little time with this week’s roundup. We kick it off with bits from the social media realm, including why your CEO is hurting the company if he/she isn’t living a rich social media life; a few reasons why Facebook had a thumbs-down kind of week; and why social media and silos don’t mix. Finally, we hope you’ll take a few moments to help out with important research at The CIO Leadership Institute by taking their survey on social media.

  • Funny, he seems so bubbly at the company meeting. Forbes looks into a recent IBM study that claims a CEO’s lack of a social media life may be to the detriment of the company.
  • Unless you count the release of its rather Instagram-y camera app, Facebook had a pretty crummy week. Blogger Nigel Cameron offers up three simple reasons no one seems to want to be in a relationship with FB since its IPO.
  • It’s called social media for a reason – keeping it siloed is against its nature (oh, and a waste of money).
  • What happened in Utah could happen anywhere, a simple little mistake cost millions of dollars, scores of data and a CIO’s job — so what can we learn from the little big breach?
  • Still on the fence about bring-your-own-device, or BYOD? Ugh, just do it all ready, says Mashable, rolling its eyes and handing you these five easy steps to BYOD transformation.
  • It’s a long weekend, so we know you have the time to take this survey from The CIO Leadership Institute — you can use the hand not holding the hot dog to tap the screen or click the mouse. Thank you!