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Sophisticated retail data collection programs up the creep factor

Have you ever felt like you were being watched? Well, get used to it.  More and more retailers are getting sophisticated with their data collection programs. From mobile device tracking to old-fashioned video surveillance, in some places the moment you step into a store the race is on to find out as much about you and your shopping habits as possible until you step back outside. A prime example of the creepy data grabbing capabilities retailers have access to today can be found in this week’s lead Searchlight item. It’s a piece from The New York Times that focuses on some super spy ops at Nordstrom’s and the technology that enabled it. Plus, watch out for malware in wearable devices, a new cloud survey shows CIOs have bigger fear than security, pro-tips to speed up your workday and more.

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Coming soon:  This is how they'll continue to track you in the parking lot.

Coming soon: This is how they’ll continue to track you in the parking lot.

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I think it is important to get the developers more visibility to the production environments so they can be more involved and do a better job of application support. In so many companies the developers have no visibility to the servers after their software is deployed. It is really difficult to troubleshoot application problems if you can't see log files, config files, errors, deployment files, etc. Developers need to be more involved in application support type operations. This is the big need of Devops. I founded Stackify to solve this problem.