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Something to Tweet about: Social media skills help pay the bills

Mid-August is here, when the uptick in back injuries from lugging mini-fridges and long goodbye-hugs remind us it’s college move-in time once again. And like so many wide-eyed, hot plate-toting freshmen, the weekly roundup is settling into new digs too – at Searchlight.  Click the link to join us at our new location where we’ve got interesting bits on social media skills, Google the bully and a bellwether of better times for tech.

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Google newspaper ad

Aw, now that’s just mean.

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It depends on the User need and technology skill level. I use it all the time for my IT support staff - we can "RDP" via the phone to several of our servers where quick and easy corrections can be implemented via the phone interface. Would I want to work on an "RDP-like" connection from my phone for more than 5-10 minutes? NO! But when a reporting system is hung, and all I need to do is restart a process, it sure is convenient.