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Searchlight List of Lists: The best, worst of 2013 and what's next

If you do something more than once and do it at the same time of year, it’s reasonable to consider it an “annual event.” Therefore, welcome to the annual Searchlight List of Lists! It’s my business to write for and about CIOs, so I know you haven’t got time to sift through all those year-end best/worst lists and future predictions. Hence the List of Lists — a handy roundup of roundups all in one spot. I’m curious to see if you agree or disagree with the oft-shared contention that 2013 was a crummy year for technology. And I’m equally eager to hear what you think will be the big trends in 2014. So, drop me a note in the comments when you, you know, have a “free moment.”  Happy New Year!

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We don’t recommend printing them out.

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This is really bad, without a good process decomposition from the requirements how can you roll out an effective design for your data ? Data is everything. I agree with the author agile is just a bull in a china shop. RUP is much better but costs time.
I am still surprised how little research people will do for a database. They have no idea what the most basic ANSI and ISO standards for data encodings are! I have to spend hours explaining ISO-8601 temporal standards and how time works! This is like an engineer who does not know the Metric System, and wants to invent his own units for every job.