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Master list: Information technology news and 2013 predictions

Here at Searchlight, there’s nothing we like better than a good list — it is, after all, our stock in trade! So it is our great pleasure to bring you, in these dwindling days of  2012, a list of lists! We know holiday time is precious so we’ve gone out and gathered the most interesting information technology trends and news roundups of the year for you. Plus, we’ve thrown in some 2013 crystal ball-gazing just for fun. Thanks for reading and have a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!

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The calendar says 2013, but the font is all 80s. Happy retro new year!

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En Pointe recommend dincloud because alzarz din owns en pointe and dincloud. I wonder how the past graduates and public officials like to know dincloud is ran and funded by folks in Pakistan. The university obviously did not do enough background checking of dincloud.