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Malcolm Gladwell on disruption; Bash vulnerability is the riskiest this decade

Malcolm Gladwell knows a thing or two to say about disruption and transformation: “It is about habits of mind and attitudes and perspectives,” he says. At the Inbound 2014 conference in Boston, the bestselling author offered three tips on how to cultivate a disruptor attitude, as Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski outlines in Data Mill.

Many IT experts consider the role of the chief data officer (CDO), which often includes overseeing traditional IT functions, as impinging on the role of the CIO. But according to three CDOs at the recent IBM CDO Summit, their CIOs’ endorsements helped their role soar.

And it’s not just CDOs, CIOs and IT departments that are deeply involved in the data and analytics conversation — marketers are riveted too, as Laskowski discovered at the recent FutureM conference on the future of marketing. In her TotalCIO blog post, read about how to become a data-centric organization, which means getting the lines of business — including marketing — on board.

Also on SearchCIO…

Believe it or not, a security bug discovered this week is a bigger threat to enterprises than Heartbleed. A U.K.-based Unix expert discovered a vulnerability in the Bourne Again Shell (Bash) software, the most widely used command processor that’s found in Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. It will take a while for large organizations to patch affected systems, but experts are unanimous that they should test and update as many as they can.

CIOs often get tasked by higher-ups to complete a wide range of IT projects, but in SearchCIO columnist and CTO Niel Nickolaisen’s experience, disaster recovery (DR) shouldn’t be one of them — or at least, more than the IT team should be involved. In his tip, he gives advice on how to get every major department to take part in DR planning.

Just like Nickolaisen, fellow SearchCIO expert and former CIO Harvey Koeppel is no stranger to planning for disaster recovery and business continuity; he’s got the accolades to prove it. However, no amount of planning could have prepared him for a disaster that struck when he was CIO of a global financial services institution — one that threatened not just the bank’s branches, but people’s lives.

Are you looking to rev up your small business’ mobile strategy? Here’s a hint: Don’t just focus your customers’ smartphones or mobile apps, explained Tom Webster, marketing strategist at Edison Research, at the FutureM 2014 conference in Boston. In Executive Editor Linda Tucci’s SearchCIO tip, review examples of six mobile strategies that focus not on devices, but on facilitating real life instead.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is now the status quo in workplaces, or at least close to it; employees are mixing work and play on personal and corporate-provided devices and consider this consumerization the norm. Lest your enterprise careen toward mobile chaos, flip through SearchCIO’s latest handbook on mobile governance structures and policies to navigate the bring your own anything (BYOx) landscape.

And on SearchCompliance…

Organizations with growing stockpiles of dark data, or data that’s left unused and unanalyzed, might be tempted to dispose of them to avoid the associated expenses and regulatory complications. However, as ARMA International President Fred A. Pulzello outlines, dark data can actually be useful if managed properly.

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