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Is there a business workhorse behind the comely exterior of iPad Air?

Not so long ago, SearchCIO cautioned CIOs to hold off on replacing PCs with tablets. Despite all the user-friendliness of tablets, there was not a whole lot of  heavy duty work that we business workhorses could do on them. Then Apple and IBM announced a partnership to provide enterprise software services for the iPad, offering up the possibility that the tablet could be more than just a handy gadget for C-suite executives and mobile sales forces.

This week, on the heels of unveiling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple introduced the iPad Air. And who knows? Maybe the era of tablet productivity may really be upon us. But as Associate Site Editor Fran Sales reports in this week’s Searchlight news roundup, it won’t be the device’s sleek exterior that wins over the business crowd.

In other news this week: Google introduced Lollipop (version 5 of its Android OS), which includes a way to remotely wipe your phone if it falls into the wrong hands; Facebook and Apple will cover egg freezing expenses for female employees; and Dropbox dodges a bullet. Find these stories and more in this week’s Searchlight.

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I'm not sure what kind of "expert" you claim to be, but you can't expect to write crap like this and not get called out. I've seen some pretty stupid articles before, but this is close to insane.

"FCoE Architecture will not replace Fibre Channel any time soon."

FCoE was never intended to replace FC. Talk about a straw man argument. FCoE *is* Fibre Channel, and there are several possible deployment and implementation options that customers have been choosing. More than 13k+ UCS (using FCoE) exist, and every FlexPod and VCE VBlock use FCoE.

"A study I recently read... FCoE shipped under 2 million ports, while FC shipped 4.5 billion ports."

What, in the lifetime of the protocols? You mean, in the 15 years FC has been selling there are more sold? Really? What a shock!

"FC now ships 16Gb and the [FCoE] is stuck at 10."

True, but how many 16G storage arrays are for sale? Oh, none? How many FCoE arrays are for sale? Oh, many?

How much bandwidth are customers pushing right now anyway? Do you *know* anyone who's pushing 16G of sustained throughput from the servers?!

"The last time I checked, power required for CNAs was higher than separate FC and Ethernet ports."

When did you check, 2008? This is simply factually wrong. Show your math if you make claims like that.

"Cables carry 90-day warrant vs. 20-year warranty"

Huh? What the hell does this have to do with FC or FCoE protocol?

"Reducing the number of switches required (which is very easy with 10GBase-T)..."

What are you talking about? You cannot run FC on 10Gbase-T, and FCoE on 10Gbase-T isn't available yet. If you want to reduce the number of switches the cabling type is irrelevant. It's the ability to run multiprotocol storage using the same physical assets. Are you suddenly embracing the 'hype' of FCoE then?

In other words, you obviously have no clue what you're talking about, and I seriously question the 'expert' label.