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Information security breach turned into teachable moment

Technically the public didn’t need to know about the recent information security breach at “The New York Times.” No customer information was compromised and no damage was done to affiliated entities. Yet the paper decided to do what newspapers do best and present an in-depth look at the incident in service of the common good. That’s why this week’s Searchlight leads off with the piece — it offers insight into how hackers operate and reminds us to be aware that this can and does happen to businesses of all stripes. If you can get past the item about security concerns related to Facebook’s Social Graph, the Searchlight has some less stress-inducing items on the new BlackBerry phones, heartwarming uses for big data and more.

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This isn’t going to cut it.

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Big Data, Big Problems... yes, I can definitely relate to this. All this data and the need for someone to actually make sense of all of it, not to mention the need to back it all up in a reasonable and semi-rapid manner (there is not such thing as an actual rapid backup of that much data ;) ).
As I read this, I agree with the most with the personal cloud being on the rise, therefore we should see a lot of personal cloud providers improving and building their security measures.  It also makes me think that hard drives and storage devices will reduce in need - they may not become obsolete like tape drives, CD's, and floppy disks have over the years, but i would agree that consumers will want to keep everything on the cloud.  Computers, laptops, mobile devices will be less dependent on storage, and the personal cloud will become king.