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Importance of data security is no secret

Unless you’ve taken a post-election sabbatical from the news, chances are you’re suffering from CIA-FBI scandal fatigue. We at Searchlight know how exhausting the 24-hour news cycle can be, but we implore you to give just a smidgen more of your attention to the topic before we head into the holiday week. Why? Because among the unsavory details lies an important reminder: mind your data security. For more on that plus a refreshing look at the CIO-CMO relationship, why data gluttony is good and even more items of interest, dig in. Gobble, gobble.

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That’s probably not going to cut it.

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Enterprise Social Networking tools definitely help with internal communications. However, they can yield even more, if they are connected to other collaboration tools (the company's document management system for example) because employees can pull appropriate information into their conversations.

I understand the situation that organizations such as hospitals and law offices find themselves in with respect to what they can and cannot put on an ESN. Still, these tools can markedly improve efficiency and effectiveness of communication throughout the enterprise. Employees are going to use some form of social networking tool, whether sanctioned by the company or not, so it’s in the organization’s best interest to offer a sanctioned solution with clear guidelines on usage.