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IT turkeys: Technology issues that we don’t give thanks for

The holidays are almost upon us, starting with Thanksgiving, the day we Americans reflect on the things we are thankful for in the past year. But what about things we aren’t thankful for? What about things we could have done without because, to be honest, they didn’t measure up to our expectations? What about – dare we say it? – the real turkeys we’ve encountered over the past year?

The following are 10 IT turkeys from 2008, culled from Feel free to chime in with your own!

  • CIOs kowtow to Wall Street, not users, study finds — Yeah, and look how well that whole bowing-down-to-Wall Street thing has gone for our country. I supported the bailout package, but I do have serious qualms about giving money to people who were apparently so far removed from Main Street. CIOs, don’t be sucked into the same cycle – first and foremost, cater to your users.
  • Resume right or wrong? Readers react – Having a poorly constructed resume — especially in this job market — is a major turkey move. Don’t miss out on job opportunities that could have been yours because you didn’t put enough time into your resume. This story offers feedback from recruiters, consultants and former IT execs.
  • CIOs must say no to generic IT – While a lot of IT folks understandably want to play it safe right now, generic IT continues to be a big turkey. Companies can use IT to create differences that make them stand out in the marketplace and to customers in tough economic times, but only if they’re willing to take some risks in order to reap the rewards.
  • Indian offshoring firms raise rates; costs often hidden – For a while, and in spite of inflationary pressure, Indian providers kept rates in line, knowing that cost remains the chief draw for going offshore. But that’s been changing, according to this piece. Hidden outsourcing costs? Definitely not something to be thankful for.
  • Outsourcing deals no good if contract is weak – A lot of companies have looked overseas to save labor costs, but you won’t be thankful for the savings if your poorly constructed contract lands you in unanticipated legal or financial troubles.
  • Angelina Jolie-inspired spam campaign signals disturbing network threats – Let’s be frank: Spam (the email variety) is never in vogue with 99% of the emailing population (I made up that stat, please don’t ask me to cite it). However, I hear Spam (the meat product) is making a comeback in these economic times – anybody planning a Spam turkey this Christmas?

  • CIOs must learn to brand themselves despite stereotypes – Stereotyping is never really an acceptable workplace practice, so I’m bestowing turkey titles upon both those CIOs who don’t properly brand themselves in the workplace, and those who would look to stereotype them in the first place.

Tired of my grousing? Check out the CIO Symmetry blog for associate editor Kristen Caretta’s list of technologies to be thankful for.

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