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IT disaster recovery plans that work (with a bit of improvising)

It’s always refreshing to hear about a company that had to put its IT disaster recovery plan into action and comes out the other side having faced unexpected challenges with valor – and just enough battle scars to improve the plan for next time.

That was the case at Alliant Energy, as our Linda Tucci writes this week. The Midwest utility now has a 10-page document of lessons learned following the Iowa flooding last summer, when its Cedar Rapids, Iowa, high-rise was evacuated and IT had to RTTO (rise to the occasion).

One issue: The company’s IT disaster recovery plan focused on headquarters in Madison, Wis., and so didn’t contain contingency plans for things like the Cedar Rapids building (home to a redundant data center) shutting down. Luckily, the local leadership secured space around town and expanded a VoIP deployment then in process to get operations up and running much more quickly than they would have otherwise.

What’s in the rest of the 10 pages? Stay tuned; you’ll find more DR lessons learned in our disaster recovery and business continuity coverage to come.

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