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I hope, at least, they’re recycling cans

According to a recent survey by document management software company Version One, fewer senior IT professionals than last year are concerned with the impact their companies are having on the environment. Perhaps the most surprising statistic, to me, was that 12% of the 100 senior IT professionals across a range of U.K. public and private sector organizations (or is that organisations?) surveyed stated that they were not concerned about their companies’ environmental impact, compared with just 1% in an identical survey last year. An 11% jump? Really?

On a related note, I found this survey from last summer, which said that 54% of executives polled said that their firms do not measure the environmental impact of their IT systems and policies, and 64% said that an industry standard on energy efficiency on IT equipment would cause them to change their procurement policies.

Version One’s general manager points out that his company’s survey results could stem less from apathy and more from complacency – some of the companies have already taken active steps to reduce their environmental impact and are less concerned than they were last year as a result.

I’d like to believe that, I really would – and it’s probably true, to an extent. But we’ve also all heard that companies big and small are tightening their belts through layoffs, wage and hiring freezes, and other tactics. So am I really surprised that “minding the environment even if it might cost our business more” might not be at the top of every IT professional’s priority list, especially now? I guess not.

This is a U.K. survey, but I wonder how IT professionals worldwide would respond to these questions. Does your organization have policies on limiting its environmental impact? What are they?

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