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Google Chrome not so shiny?

I’ve yet to weigh in on Chrome, Google’s new web browser, largely because this has been a really busy post-Labor Day week and I haven’t yet had the chance to try it out myself. But I’ve been picking up snippets here and there and, for once, it sounds like Google might have botched a debut, at least according to online reporters and chatters.

I remember playing with Google Street Maps, Google Earth and Gmail not long after their debuts and being immediately impressed. And it sounds like Chrome’s sleek appearance, tabs and privacy settings (called “Incognito”) carry that same Google charm.

But I’m also hearing some Big Brother-ish features. For instance, Google has changed its End User Licensing Agreement, which originally called for the right to retain the rights to anything you do or create while using Chrome.

For a measured view, I’m turning to this list of reasons for and reasons against trying out Chrome.

Is this brouhaha a matter of people looking to take down Google-as-Goliath? Who else has tried out the beta version of Chrome? What are your initial impressions? Could it draw you away from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or whatever other web browser you currently use?

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No stop loading page button so when it is very very very slow or on 5 occasions has hung up cant stop it. a couple of times run very slow & failed for no apparent reason. immediately jumped to fire fox and all ok so not my PC or network issue
Installed and tried Chrome a day after release. I have no major complaints on the application itself given that it's a beta. That being said, I wasn't impressed - the UI misses key functions (I like the uncluttered look though). There's no Stop button (as the previous poster pointed out), no way to add/manage bookmarks, and no way to go back to a specific page (the user has to click the back button numerous times). These are basic browser functions and I can't understand why Google left these out (while including "nice-to-haves" like password storage). I guess we'll see more functions in a later version. On the positive side, I like the minimalist UI (though I think it is ridiculously minimalist), the full history feature, and "incognito." I've had no problems with performance so far though Chrome is slower than my first and second choices - Opera and Firefox. Will I make Chrome my default browser? No - I enjoy using Opera too much (despite the fact that some web sites don't support it), like its interface, its performance, and the numerous options that I get currently. BTW, the EULA business is nasty - I hope Google comes to its senses.