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Developing an IT business service requires technology -- and fearlessness

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about IT business service development, most recently News Director Christina Torode’s piece on business service development.

Why is the creation of IT business service plans taking on an increasingly important role in the CIO agenda? For starters, it can open up previously untapped marketplaces. The development of a new iPhone application for example, that proffers some aspect of your company’s product could introduce your organization to an iPhone user in, say, Alaska, who would have otherwise never even heard of your company. The app might be a free download, but a paid customer could easily follow.

So, how do you tap into prime IT business service opportunities? We’ve written recently about ideation management, and that’s a good place to start. Formal software to collect and manage ideas isn’t a necessity, but you should be providing technological platforms — even something as simple as an intranet blog or online suggestion box — to encourage creative thinking about developing an IT business service. From there, don’t be reckless but, at the same time, try to be a bit fearless. Sometimes the most effective business solutions come from underwhelming beginnings, and you’ll never know if an IT business service could have worked for your organization.

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