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Cybersecurity initiatives require education, shared knowledge

Cybersecurity initiatives aren’t about just you, the CIO, or your organization. And because of that, the solutions shouldn’t come solely from you, but from shared knowledge from all sectors.The same model applies to the U.S. government’s approach to cybersecurity initiatives. The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency, a panel formed in August 2007 “after the United States suffered a wave of damaging attacks in cyberspace,” recommends that incoming President Barack Obama should establish a new White House office and appoint a presidential assistant to oversee a “comprehensive national security strategy for cyberspace,” CNN is reporting.

As we noted last week, 2008 has been a very spammy year, with threats targeting social networking sites. The cybersecurity report takes the spectre of these threats even further, stating that cybersecurity is one of the major national security problems facing the U.S. and “all the tools of U.S. power” – diplomatic, intelligence, military and economic – are needed to deal with cybersecurity, CNN reports.

Some of the recommendations with regard to national cybersecurity should sound very familiar to enterprise CIOs charged with overseeing cybersecurity protocols in their organizations. For instance, the report recommends “requiring better authentication” of digital identities and limiting government purchasing to secure products and services. Research, training and education should also be expanded, the report says.

The lesson here? Your cybersecurity insights and experiences carry far beyond your individuals organizations’ walls. Share your cybersecurity stories and solutions with others. You can start by clicking the “comments” link below! 

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