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Cloud migration can be a winning move -- even when it's not

The days may be long and include far too much coffee, but I always enjoy a good tech conference. The new ideas, the inspirational talk, the excessive coffee (didn’t say too much was a bad thing) but most of all I love the tales from the trenches. This week at the E2 conference in Boston I sat in on a chat about SaaS apps and cloud migration with Boston Celtics VP of technology Jay Wessel; it’s the topic of this week’s Searchlight. What was great to hear was that he’s experienced some success as well as some disappointment with the cloud and he was just happy for the learning experiences. Not big on cloud when it first became a buzzword,  he opened himself to the possibility that there were ways cloud solutions could benefit his organization. Not afraid of change, not afraid to make a mistake, not afraid to admit when things aren’t working out — attributes all IT leaders would do well to possess. Also this week: Google’s inflation innovation, the latest from the NSA “situation” and more.

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Ready to embrace the cloud? It's ready to embrace you.

Ready to embrace the cloud? It’s ready to embrace you.

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This is the natural progression of next element in the traditional datacenter which can be virtualised.. Cisco's nexus switches may be a kind of first step owards it..
Yep! End to end virtulization support across all technology layers is he way to go.
Would be a great feature for integration and stability.
It is a relatively new development and I am still on the learning curve.
I don't see it happening any soon