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Chief marketing technologist: A bridge between IT and marketing

A brand is a contract between a company and its consumers, says marketing consultant Marc de Swaan Arons on The Atlantic, and the customers its judge and jury. And never has it been more crucial to uphold that contract than in today’s digital market, as evidenced by Gartner’s prediction that by 2017, chief marketing officers (CMOs) will be spending more on technology than CIOs. As such, a new role has emerged in the C-suite: the chief marketing technologist (CMT), as this week’s Searchlight details.

The CMT (who could go by various monikers, including head of marketing technology and business information officer for global marketing) is vital not only to effectively managing this deluge of technology investments, but also to ensuring that marketing and IT see eye to eye. CMTs must embrace and encourage a holistic approach to marketing — founded on both technical expertise and a passion for marketing — and function as “the connective tissue” among their business’ many key constituencies, Scott Brinker and Laura McLellan write in Harvard Business Review , including the CMO, the CIO and third-party providers.

Liaison, strategist, aligner, enabler, innovator — the wide-ranging and continuously evolving role of the CMT is no mean feat.

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Behold: The chief marketing technologist! (Yours may have less concrete.) [Source: Wikimedia]

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