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CIO weekly wrap-up: Twitter from space, end of iPhone exclusivity?

A few things I’m expecting our readers to continue talking about this week:

The possible end of iPhone exclusivity on AT&T. Would having your choice of service providers make you more likely to consider the iPhone as an enterprise business tool, or are you sticking with the BlackBerry no matter what? I might write more on this; I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Apparently, in space, everybody can hear you Tweet. So, if NASA astronauts can Tweet from space, then your staff have no excuse, right? Do you use Twitter for work? I do – you can find me at @rlebeaux and @enterprisecio. I’d love to hear any IT departments’ success stories in using social media to improve workflow and efficiency.

I really liked this New York Times chart on where Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo compete in areas such as mobile apps, RSS readers and business software (in case you were wondering, all four compete in that area).

Also, catch up on our latest content:

I blogged last week about password best practices and data privacy. Here’s a hint: Don’t make your password “123456.” Just…don’t.

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