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CIO weekly wrap-up: Outsourcing, BPM quiz, ITIL and IT jobs

June is here! This past week, delved into outsourcing and offshoring in a recession, launched a business process management (BPM) quiz, discussed the range of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) training tools and techniques, and provided some tips on keeping your IT job. Read the full stories and check out our latest blog posts below!

Outsourcing and offshoring in a recession more flexible, panelists say – Outsourcing and offshoring activities in a recession thrive on flexibility from both clients and providers, according to panelists at the 2009 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.

BPM quiz for enterprise CIOs – BPM is gaining momentum as a way to cut costs. Get up to date with our coverage and test your knowledge with this quiz.

The range of ITIL training tools and techniques and how they add value – Learn how to incorporate ITIL training tools such as simulation workshops, process modules and use cases into your ITIL service management training.

Tips to keep your IT job and move along CIO career path in a recession – In this recession, there are many ways to not only keep your IT job but also expand your career options by demonstrating strong leadership and a business focus. Here’s our advice.

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Increased flexibility in outsourcing, indeed. The Neatorama blog reports on an increasingly popular trend, that of outsourcing care of the elderly to India: [A href=""]. I suppose that when we're visiting the Bangalore operations center, we can squeeze in a visit with Granma.