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CIO weekly wrap-up: NAC, SaaS benefits and IT outsourcing contracts

I hope everybody had a good weekend! For those who might not have visited late last week, check out Mark Schlack’s post on Windows 7 vs. Vista features, and feel free to add your views. And, while you’re at it, don’t miss the most recent stories from

  • Appliance-based network access control keeps university network secure – In this case study, find out how an NAC system enforces security policy for 25,000-plus students, faculty and staff, replacing a sneakernet form of worm control.

  • As SaaS model matures, complexity grows, but SaaS benefits hang tough – Partners offer the customization and business process improvements that enterprise apps require, but new complexity doesn’t override traditional SaaS benefits.

  • IT outsourcing contracts merit review given scandal at Indian firm – You may have heard about the accounting scandal at Satyam; now learn some of the solutions. Satyam customers should weigh their options.
  • Also, we included some action steps for non-Satyam customers, since this scandal will have ramifications across the industry if Satyam customers flee and take their business to other IT outsourcers.