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CIO weekly wrap-up: Google Chrome, iPad, social networking privacy

Good afternoon! Here’s some of the latest chatter in the tech sphere today:

Google’s Chrome browser continues to gobble up market share from Internet Explorer and Firefox. A few months ago, I switched to Chrome and have loved the results (Firefox had gotten way too buggy). How about you?

The iPad chatter continues. I opined last week about some of the whiffs on the iPad device, but this article posited that the lack of Flash video might not matter.

According to a report by Sophos, malware and spam are on the rise on social networks such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn. Check those privacy settings, people.

On, we spent the past week looking at CIO best practices (and putting your knowledge to the test!), vendor contract management, methods for IT staff when salary increases are off the tables, and ways to boost efficiency through technology spending. Read the stories linked below and sound off with your comments!

CIO best practices: A self-assessment guide for top IT professionals — Some CIO best practices held steady in the recession, while others have shifted. Test if you’ve kept up with these quizzes in our self-assessment guide for top IT professionals.

Vendor contract management key to cutting costs through renegotiation — Enterprises are finding ways to use vendor contract management as a means to cut costs by renegotiating contracts down to the maintenance-clause and business-unit levels.

Motivation incentives for IT staff when salary increases not an option — How can you provide motivation incentives for IT staff when you can’t increase salaries? Offer them meaningful work and IT job opportunities, advises our CIO columnist.

CIO technology spending focused on reducing risk, boosting efficiency — Doing more with less remains the mantra for CIOs as we dig into our IT Priorities Survey on technology spending. The priorities? Mitigating risk. Essential upgrades. Cutting costs.

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