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CIO leaders are born and made

Today, on we’re talking leadership with Bob Rouse, professor of computer science at Washington University in St.Louis and a program director the Regional Leadership Forum, a CIO training program launched 15 years ago by the Society for Information Management.

In a wide ranging discusssion, Bob gamely takes on some of  the big questions–are leaders born or made? Are the leadership qualities of the successful CIO different from those required of, say, the captain of a ship or the CFO? Do you have to be young to have this stuff stick? He also weighs in on why we shouldn’t be surprised by the gulf between IT and the business.

Some background:  The RFL program runs from January to September, meeting six times for intensive two-day sessions. Classes are coached by CIOs  and facilitators and include a 30-book reading list. Participants are prodded  to discover their inner leaders by presenting topics, leading discussions and persuading classmates that their experiences have relevance for others.

 You can find a transcript of our conversation here. Read the condensed version here.

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