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Business productivity and cost reduction No. 1 concern in CIO survey

Think the Great Recession is over? Not for CIOs. For the second year running, business productivity and cost reduction was the No. 1 concern of CIOs, CTOs and IT executives in the annual CIO survey from the Society for Information Management — and by a wide margin, according to Jerry Luftman, who has conducted the survey for SIM for the past 10 years.

Luftman, a professor of IS at the Stevens Institute of Technology, said the SIM study confirms that the economic downturn is causing “a significant shift in IT priorities,” signaling that businesses continue to lean on IT to get through this (when will it end?) rough patch. Business agility and speed to market jumped from the No.3 slot to No. 2 on the list. The perennial headache, IT and business alignment, took the third spot.

Interestingly, IT cost reduction was No. 8 on the top list, confirming what we here at have been hearing from our CIO readers since the recession began: namely, that IT executives came well-equipped to deal with the belt-tightening required of this latest downturn, having learned fiscal restraint and having sharpened their strategic planning skills during the tech implosions of the early 2000s.

A newbie concern to the list, making an appearance in the No. 10 spot: globalization! That’s been our impression too: Increasingly, CIOs, even those at small and midmarket companies, are architecting solutions that can accommodate the global reach of their businesses. Full results of the study, which delves into CIO careers, reporting structures, allocation of time and other IT issues, will be released at SIM’s annual meeting in Atlanta next month. Here is the Top 10 list from SIM:

  1. Business productivity and cost reduction
  2. Business agility and speed to market
  3. IT and business alignment
  4. IT reliability and efficiency
  5. Business process re-engineering
  6. IT strategic planning
  7. Revenue generating IT innovations
  8. IT cost reduction
  9. Security and privacy
  10. Globalization will be sending out its annual tech spending and CIO career survey soon. Meantime, send me your Top 10 concerns.

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