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Business continuity strategies not shaping up in cloud

I’ve been talking to business continuity and cloud experts over the past few days to find out if large companies are revamping their business continuity strategies as a result of the cloud.

For the most part, the answer was no. Enterprises are not rushing to get rid of hot, cold or primary sites, despite how much it costs to maintain them, to replace them with a site in the cloud.

The undertaking is potentially enormous, just in the planning stages, to make sure your architecture can even be replicated in a cloud environment, they said.

It is not inconceivable that large companies’ business continuity strategies will shift to the cloud, even as a means of housing their primary data center. The cost benefits could be equally, well, enormous, in terms of closing the physical building housing the data center. The cost of maintaining the data center’s power and cooling systems also goes away, along with hardware upgrades and the IT staff that maintains the data center.

Dave Linthicum, an independent consultant, said his clients’ future plans could involve a reverse data center model in which their primary data center would live in the cloud and the secondary site would be maintained on their own premises, or even on yet another cloud provider’s premises.

Still, we’re talking distant future here. Backing up applications in the cloud is a no-brainer, experts said, but backing up an entire infrastructure is not. It’s just too hard to replicate such an environment down to specific configurations within a cloud environment.

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