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Be a mobile governance kingpin, not an anarchist

I’m writing this note on my company-issued laptop while working at home after “regular” business hours. When I’m done, I might Netflix an episode or two of Breaking Bad on the same laptop. I’ll probably keep checking my work email on my personal smartphone to make sure I’m not missing any crucial communiqué while watching chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-kingpin Walter White and his exploits. Personal device, private device — is there really a difference anymore?

Welcome to the wild world of bring your own device (BYOD) and consumerization, where company devices occasionally double as vehicles for entertainment, personal devices sometimes allow for better productivity than company devices do, and the CIO must always be on top of their company’s mobile governance policies to prevent slipping into BYOD anarchy.

“Similar to the cultural and social impacts of telecommuting, the lines between our business and personal lives become blurred even further,” writes CIO expert Harvey Koppel in our SearchCIO handbook on mobile governance, which looks at some of the finer points of a comprehensive bring your own anything (BYOx) strategy. “These cultural and social changes must be managed well beyond the scope of the IT department’s reach and therefore be viewed as an enterprise responsibility.”

Keeping tabs on the mobile devices — as well as applications — employees are using for work and play entails making appropriate network upgrades and considering an alphabet soup of new security products, writes Bryan Barringer, who headed up FedEx Services’ Office of Mobility and Collaboration, but they’re all for naught without an overarching governance policy. In our second piece, Barringer lays out the fundamentals of forming a mobility governance team. And CTO Niel Nickolaisen acknowledges that he was reticent to adopt a BYOx mindset and earned a reputation as a barrier to enterprise progress as a result. In our final piece in this handbook, Nickolaisen describes how he got on board with BYOD and offers some survival tips for similarly spooked CIOs.

Walter White’s life devolved  into chaos. Read our handbook, and your mobile governance strategy doesn’t have to do the same.

Let us know: What BYOx strategies are working for you?

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