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Apple iOs 7 gives a little love to the enterprise

Sooo, who wants a gold iPhone?!* If Apple’s annual Cupertino hype-o-rama failed to excite you with it’s new colors and cheaper prices for iPhones, that may be because you came in a little late. If you blinked, or failed to hit “refresh” on your browser, you might have missed the official introduction of Apple iOS 7.  That’s too bad, because while it might not have been the sexiest announcement, it was the most important for CIOs. Fear not, this week’s lead Searchlight items looks past the shiny stuff at the inner beauty the new mobile operating system has to offer the enterprise. Also this week: Google expedites its strike back against the NSA, why even really, really encrypted things aren’t really encrypted, our tablet-raised future workforce and more.

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*Besides this guy?

*Besides this guy?


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