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Amazon enterprise cloud dominance could be good for CIOs

Try to contain your surprise. The lead item in this week’s Searchlight asserts that Amazon is poised to conquer the enterprise cloud services market. Writer Christopher Mims lays out the argument, and darn if it doesn’t seem plausible. What’s more, IMHO, it just might be a good thing for CIOs. Also in this week’s Searchlight: why VDI could be the key to unlocking the cloud’s potential, tips on harnessing big data, a very ironic data security breach and more.

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Good day, Mr. Bezos. Is that a new hat?

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IT deals with all aspects of technology and people that can catch on quick and retain that info are very helpful and dearly needed
DevOps is the natural evolution of the system administrator role in a technology landscape where an understanding of the system as software is much more important than understanding how the underlying hardware interacts. The traditional I&O role will eventually morph into a DevOps role.
We already use Agile for operations/infrastructure projects/sprints.

To get developers into this mix though requires a lot of upper management commitment.
Developers used to manage the applications they built but as the applications got bigger and more complex, it became evident a different set of skills and processes were needed. That's why admins/operators and devlopers grew into separate disciplines. However, in startup mode (which most cloud services are in) you don't have that luxury plus the operations procedures are still not fully defined. The role is neither new nor unusual. It's just a natural stage in the journey to maturity, a path well travelled before.
It has been here for at least 30 years, is is NOT something new ("...those who do not learn history are condemned to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors")
Like everything, I think that the roles will continue to evolve, but as long as DevOps provides benefit, which it does, it will be here to stay.