CIO Symmetry

August 2008

Small-business IT strategy

  • Be kind to your blogger

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 29 Aug 2008
  • Bloggers are showing up everywhere now. Every event, every topic, everything is being blogged about. BlogWorld reports over 57 million Americans read blogs and 22 of the 100 most popular websites ...

  • IE 8 brings Web-surfing privacy and peace of mind (for users, anyway)

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 29 Aug 2008
  • Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) will have a new privacy setting. The new setting, dubbed “porn mode” by bloggers because it effectively erases all evidence of sites you’ve visited, was officially ...

  • Weekly Wrap-up (Labor Day edition)

    Glen Weaver 29 Aug 2008
  • Dear people in the IT industry: Please don’t all go on vacation at once, like you did this week. We’ve been trying very hard to reach you for comment on stories. Won’t anybody look out for the ...

  • Joe Biden: RIAA stooge

    Glen Weaver 26 Aug 2008
  • Joe Biden, huh? Talk about strike three. 2000: Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Lieberman “loses” election. Flash forward to 2008 and this stuffy jerk – who spent part of his career going ...

  • Oracle wins the cash war, but SAP is way more punk

    Glen Weaver 25 Aug 2008
  • The Oracle vs. SAP war has been a long and vicious one. The ERP giants battle constantly for market share and big-time customers. Meanwhile, their CEOs – Oracle’s Larry Ellison and SAP’s Henning ...

  • Seinfeld vs. Justin Long? Please, let's get someone with some funny.

    Glen Weaver 21 Aug 2008
  •   Can we all agree that Jerry Seinfeld was never the funny one? For all his quirks and humorous relationships, Jerry was always the straight man to his consistently hilarious compatriots. Good at ...

  • Google Reader has my vote

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 21 Aug 2008
  • You may have noticed the new feature on the Google homepage. It reads: “New! Read what Barack Obama and John McCain are reading with Google Reader.” Yes, now you too can see what Senator John ...

  • Subway fail, Freedom fail

    Glen Weaver 21 Aug 2008
  • Two weeks ago three MIT students were forbidden by a judge to give a presentation on how susceptible Boston’s subway fare system is to fraud. Now another judge has allowed them to give the ...

  • America fails - miserably - to capture Internet equality medal

    Glen Weaver 13 Aug 2008
  • Here’s a shocker: Broadband in the U.S. isn’t up to snuff and because of that our children will fall behind the rest of the world. So we learn from a new report by, er, the ...

  • Press releases as prose

    Glen Weaver 12 Aug 2008
  • I don’t doubt that writing a press release that catches the eye is a tough job. But this is just dumb: “Dear Zach, “Will Shakespeare sure didn’t have to wrestle with the issues IT managers’ face ...