CIO Symmetry

June 2008

Small-business IT strategy

  • Microsoft Windows XP users need a shoulder to cry on

    Glen Weaver 25 Jun 2008
  • Apparently, customers are supposed to be happy that Microsoft is going to support its most successful OS for another six years. If you haven’t already, you really should take a look at Microsoft ...

  • Bill Gates' not so big exit

    Glen Weaver 24 Jun 2008
  • Legacies are a funny thing. Take Hugh Grant. Director Richard Curtis, in the DVD commentary to his film Love Actually, claims a shot of Grant bowing on stage will be the final image in the actor’s ...

  • Notes from CIO Decisions 2008

    Glen Weaver 18 Jun 2008
  • I know this sounds like self-promotion, seeing as I work for TechTarget and all, but CIO Decisions is pretty freaking great. For those that don’t know, the whole gist of this conference is that we ...

  • Monday Round-up: CIO Decisions edition

    Glen Weaver 16 Jun 2008
  • Howdy from Carlsbad, Calif. We just got in for CIO Decisions today and we’re ready for a week of good tips, discussion and leadership recognition. For those of you who don’t know, the CIO Decisions ...

  • Calling FedEx out

    Glen Weaver 12 Jun 2008
  • Sometimes you hear something and think: “Hey, that can’t be true.” Take this statement from FedEx Corp. CIO Rob Carter at his Enterprise 2.0 Conference keynote this week. “There's also a cool new ...

  • More (final) thoughts from Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston

    Glen Weaver 11 Jun 2008
  • Where are the users!?!?! No, seriously. There have been a few guys on stage presenting their companies' Enterprise 2.0 strategies. Some are very interesting. Some, not so much. But I thought this ...

  • Quick thoughts from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston

    Glen Weaver 10 Jun 2008
  • FedEx Corp. CIO Rob Carter opens with a zinger: “I think if we did this conference where I’m from [Memphis] people would still be stumbling in from Beale Street right about now.” Actually, Rob, if ...

  • A spare second for Microsoft SharePoint

    Glen Weaver 09 Jun 2008
  • Last week, I wrote for about this week’s Enterprise 2.0 conference and the possibility that 2008 may be a watershed year for the E2.0 (lingo!) thing. Anyway, one guy wrote ...

  • Defining Enterprise 2.0

    Glen Weaver 03 Jun 2008
  • Just a quick note that we’ve climbed the mountain, seen the top and come back down exhausted but holding tight to the elusive definition of Enterprise 2.0. Honestly, when it comes to defining ...