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  • Ozzie leaves behind Microsoft's technology vision

    Scot Petersen - Editorial Director 26 Oct 2010
  • Last week, I brought up the topic of chief software architect Ray Ozzie leaving Microsoft. Since then, Ozzie, who rarely issues public statements, published a 3,453-word letter as a farewell and a ...

  • Ozzie's leaving the latest sign to break up Microsoft?

    Scot Petersen - Editorial Director 19 Oct 2010
  • It's been years since the talk to break up Microsoft. When the company was on trial for antitrust violations in 2000, many experts felt that a breakup was just punishment. But as time went on, many ...

  • Google and the tech stock drop

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 09 Oct 2008
  • Yes, even Google, one of the Internet companies best-positioned for a financial downturn, has falling stock. I watched the real-time trading with sick fascination as the little red down-turned ...

  • VirtualNet IronApp expand partnership

    Roger Crawford - Barker Implement 08 Apr 2008
  • Virtual Iron and NetApp Storevault storage are expanding their partnership. In this latest development, StoreVault has been certified for Virtual Iron’s server virtualization software. This is ...