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  • Microsoft ERP upgrades, anyone?

    Anne McCrory - TechTarget 13 Mar 2009
  • Microsoft ERP software upgrades were, needless to say, a focus of this week’s Microsoft Convergence conference, where some 7,000 customers and partners converged on New Orleans for Redmond’s annual ...

  • How user-friendly is your website?

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 05 Nov 2008
  • Are “user-friendly” projects more likely to catch on? It makes sense – the easier it is for the average user, the more likely it is that they will continue using it. You know, the whole “keep it ...

  • Google's Chrome: Not your average Web browser?

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 04 Sep 2008
  • Microsoft’s IE is facing some serious competition. With Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Opera Software ASA’s Opera and recently Google’s Chrome, it seems Microsoft is falling back a bit. ...

  • Microsoft: Kicking SaaS and changing names

    Kristen Caretta - TechTarget 28 Jul 2008
  • I brushed up on SaaS (Software as a Service) knowledge today. After reading through all the SaaS articles on my site, I continued on to Google. Amongst the many pages of SaaS, there was a Microsoft ...

  • Mozilla Firefox 3 hits. My grandma uses it.

    Glen Weaver 03 Jul 2008
  • I am so posting this in Mozilla Firefox 3 right now. And I’m pretty happy about that. Sure, Opera rolled along a few years ago and made the point that a decent product could put a slight dent in ...